Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Loss...

Like the dummy that I am at times, I stepped on my purse getting into the BF's car and smashed my camera. RIP Digi Cam, I didn't really like you because you took ugly photos but we lasted almost 2 years.

With that being said, I don't know when I'll be buying a new one. :::sigh::: I'll leave you with a pet peeve of mine.

Now I'm all for shoes. I LUUUUURVE shoes, I've added plenty to my collection over the past 6 months without really have the funds for it. HOWEVER, no one should buy shoes that make their feet look gross no matter how cute the pair is. Case in point, this picture I right-click saved from the Jak + Jil blog below:

C'mon, the straps are cutting in the right foot and the lil' toesies look like they're in excruciating with pain while trying with all their might to stay inside and avoid looking like a claw. The end of rant.


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Monday, January 18, 2010

Working girl

Man, I could really go for this outfit! The coat is beautiful. I like the collar with the extra flap that hangs down. Its always so hard for me to find a coat that will actually fit my proportions. I always have to settle for sleeves that are too long or shoulders that don't fit. Blah, so annoying. Any advice for shorties like me?

Either way, the pops of color of this outfit I made on Polyvore makes me happy on such a gray, gloomy, rainy day. Wish I had all my clothes cataloged on that site and could create outfits that way. Ooo, how Cher Horowitz would that be!?

Work by kcrosa featuring Forever21

Monday, January 11, 2010


I didn't make a New Years resolution, and haven't exactly made one since I can remember. Its never been my thing. I don't need a time marker like NYE to think about things I want to improve -- that tends to be a regular thought pattern in my life anyway.

I think of myself as average weight and have fluctuated above and below that for most of my life. Over the course of last year I lost 14 pounds just by thinking a bit before eating. I didn't exactly realize how much that changed my body until I found the need to start tucking in my tops into my bottoms. Lo and behold: my belly wasn't protruding. Long story short, the belly is beginning to protrude. This and only this (the liking of tucking in tops) is the only true reason I'd like to start paying attention to my daily eating habits again.

[sweater: Target; belt, jeans & top: forever 21]


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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to workies.

Like all good things, my 2.25 week break came to an end yesterday. I chose the wrong bottoms for sure. Even though it was somewhat warm outside for whatever reason the AC unit was blasting at 7:30 in the morning. Brrrrr....

A few years ago you would not find me anywhere near sale racks at stores. Just glancing by I would see the "ugly" clothes marked down, what would be the point of even flipping through? Oh how times have changed. I've found some great pieces to add to my wardrobe among the sea of fugly -- like this skirt. $5 at Charlotte Russe.

[cardigan: Target, skirt: H&M, skirt: Charlotte Russe]
[shoes: Payless]

I loooooove the bow detail. The skirt fits me a tad bit big but I like that because it makes it easier to tuck in a top.

I've made quite a few purchases while Christmas gift shopping but a couple of the tops aren't exactly work friendly. I found a store at my local mall that sells basic cardigans in different colors for pretty cheap. That might be a good fix so I can expand my work clothes repertoire.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Its all in the details

happy new year :)

Lately I've been buying shirts that have details, like beading, sequins, grommets, or studs. I like the way it makes a piece of clothing special, even if its a neutral color.

[sweater: bloom, top: forever 21, tights: target]
What I like the most about this shirt is that it has this tiger print feel to it with the beading when nothing else on the top has anything to do with the animal. Best of all, the shirt is long enough to wear with leggings and thin enough to tuck into a high-waisted skirt.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


One of my favorite purchases of all time has left me. We've been through a lot every since we met because of my all-time favorite recycling program, Back-2-MAC. Of course I'm speaking of my Rebel lipstick, a vivid hot-pink with some purple undertones. Perfect hot pink lip for my skin color.

Rebel: every time I wore you I got compliments. I admit, at times I was a bit negligent, like that time I left you at a girl's house after a crazy night out watching Crystal Castles. Luckily, we were reunited. However, I seem to have lost or misplaced you. You were so good to me and things will never be the same; that is, until I make the effort to replace you by driving out to the Brea Mall and actually buy one.

RIP Rebel lippy and godspeed.

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